Rachel Chan

Fitness does not only change your body, but it changes your mind, attitude and mood. Rachel’s goal as a Personal Training is to help others fall in love with the journey of becoming a stronger version of themselves physically and mentally. 

Rachel's fitness journey began in high school when she decided to join the gym as a tool to overcome her mental health and low self-esteem. She discovered her passion for strength training, helping her develop confidence by living a stronger and healthy lifestyle. Most recently, Rachel competed in her first powerlifting competition where she qualified for Nationals. 

In addition to her strength training journey, Rachel is now an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and has experience teaching group fitness strength and cardio classes. Rachel is specialized in strength training, weight training and weight loss. Most importantly, her purpose is to help you reach your goals by making fitness exciting and effective with training expertise and to motivate you into living a healthy life.