How to Exercise At Home During the Pandemic

December 22, 2021

Just when you may have thought COVID-19 was on its way out, along comes yet another wave. With no end to the pandemic insight, it helps to have some home workout tricks up your sleeve, and this article will help you with some ideas.

It's not always possible to get down to the fitness studio here in Richmond, BC – but you can get creative with personal fitness during the health crisis. Read on for some tips and ideas for keeping in shape at home. 

The importance of maintaining fitness in Richmond, BC, during the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you're in Richmond and the local gym is off-limits, workout routines can be challenging to stick with, but it's important to adapt. Although they won't have the advantage of their regular gym friends or your personal trainer during lockdowns, Richmond residents can still reap the benefits of daily workouts – and there are a few reasons to do so. 

First up, exercise can help keep depression, stress, and anxiety at bay, resulting in less overeating and alcohol consumption. But besides mental health, regular activity will also help fend off high blood pressure and keep your weight down. You'll also be in much better shape when the gym opens again – and that will make you more likely to stay free of injuries. Working out is also great for your immune system, and it'll keep you sleeping better during the most disruptive of times – which leaves you better equipped to deal with a virus or other illness. 

1. Make time for fitness: In the absence of your local personal trainer or regular workout friends, try to make a plan and stick with it. Make time for your workouts because they're as important. If you're working from home, be sure to avoid working overtime and maintain a work-life balance.

When you're coping with online team meetings, it can be tempting to try and fit your workouts around work, but stick to your guns and do whatever works best for you. Whether that's an early morning session to set you up for the day or a lunchtime routine that affords you a break from office duties and restores energy levels, prioritize it.

2. Adapt and get creative: Use whatever you can find around the home to aid your workouts, and utilize any outside space you have available to make things fun. If you're used to attending the personal fitness studio here in Richmond, you'll likely need to get creative. Still, everyday items can be just as effective as expensive specialist equipment when you have little choice.

Try to set aside space within the home for your workouts if you can. That's a great way to get in the right frame of mind. Make a virtual gym and save it solely for working out at home. Whether you're using water bottles or chairs for makeshift weight training, keep them in this area to save time and make working out at home more convenient. Remember, too, that stairs are a ready-made home workout option. Use them for step workouts or simply climb and descend to get instant cardio benefits.

3. Don't forget to use your body weight: When working out at home during the pandemic, you should use everything available, and your own body weight can be a fantastic resource. Everything from pushups to lunges, squats, and planks utilize your weight to provide resistance.

Even if you're in an empty room, you can still work out and get fitness benefits during COVID-19. Create circuits, just as you would in the gym. Tailorreps and sets to suit your fitness levels and goals.

4. Get outside: Even during a lockdown, it's likely you'll be allowed an hour or two a day to get exercise outside. That won't be possible if you’re under quarantine, and it's essential to adhere to the health rules that govern your area and circumstances. However, get into the great outdoors whenever you can – both fresh air and sunshine are good for your physical and mental health.

That might be for a brisk walk or a run, depending on your fitness level and goals. You can even take a bike ride during the pandemic. Use natural and artificial features in your surroundings to aid your workouts. Hills, steps, and even curbs can all substitute for gym equipment. Even if you're more used to the treadmill at the Richmond gym, you can still use a device to time sessions, measure distance covered, and even monitor your heart rate.

5. Use technology and keep in touch: Staying in touch with your workout friends can help maintain routines and protect against apathy when working out at home. Get a group together on WhatsApp and discuss goals and sessions with your friends – and you can even arrange to work out together via video calling apps.

If it helps you stay focused, use fitness apps to monitor your fitness progress. You can also use streaming services to listen to music or radio or even catch up with a TV show while you're working out at home. Some vendors even offer virtual routes for running or cycling if you're fortunate enough to have a treadmill or an exercise bike in the home.

The final word from your personal trainer in Richmond, BC: Keep it fun, keep on track

Here at the fitness studio in Richmond, we’re looking forward to having you back after COVID-19, but for now, keep things going and make it fun. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in shape during the pandemic – and the situation also offers the chance to try something new. 

If you've been meaning to try something different, use this opportunity to do that. That could be HIIT, spinning, Pilates, or even sport-specific training such as boxing. Remember, there are a whole bunch of experts and programs on the web, and we're always on the other end of the phone if you need some advice or tips to keep things interesting while you're stuck at home. Whatever you decide to do, we'll see you at the gym here in Richmond when things get back to normal!

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