Dumbbell Pullover


Gym Equipment Needed

Musle Group


  1. Place a workout bench horizontally on the floor.
  2. Grab a dumbbell with both hands and sit on the edge of the bench.
  3. Carefully lie back on the bench with your head and upper back resting on its surface.
  4. Position your feet firmly on the ground, shoulder-width apart.
  5. Hold the dumbbell above your chest, keeping your elbows slightly bent.

Starting Position

Lie flat on a bench with your head and upper back supported, ensuring your feet are firmly planted on the ground.


To perform the Dumbbell Pullover exercise correctly and optimize your results, follow these steps:

  1. Lie flat on a bench with your head and upper back supported, ensuring your feet are firmly planted on the ground.
  2. Grasp a dumbbell with both hands, holding it above your chest with a firm grip.
  3. Start with your arms extended, maintaining a slight bend in your elbows.
  4. Lower the dumbbell in a controlled manner behind your head, feeling a stretch in your chest and shoulders.
  5. Keep your core engaged and your lower back in contact with the bench throughout the movement.
  6. Return the dumbbell to the starting position by contracting your chest muscles and pulling it back up.
  7. Focus on a smooth and controlled motion, avoiding any jerking or swinging movements.

The Dumbbell Pullover primarily targets the following muscle groups:

  • Chest (Pectoralis major)
  • Back (Latissimus dorsi)
  • Shoulders (Deltoids)

Tips on doing this exercise

To optimize your Dumbbell Pullover and achieve better results, consider the following tips:

  1. Focus on maintaining a controlled and smooth movement throughout the exercise.
  2. Keep your core engaged and avoid arching your lower back excessively.
  3. Use a weight that challenges you without compromising your form.
  4. Gradually increase the weight as you get stronger and more comfortable with the exercise.
  5. Remember to breathe consistently throughout the movement to ensure proper oxygenation.

Common Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes to prevent potential injury and ensure proper execution of the Dumbbell Pullover:

  1. Overextending your range of motion and straining your shoulder joints.
  2. Using excessive momentum or swinging the dumbbell, which diminishes the effectiveness of the exercise.
  3. Allowing your lower back to lift off the bench or hyperextending it during the movement.

Recommended Ranges
  • For muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth): Aim for 8-12 reps per set and perform 3-4 sets.
  • For strength: Aim for 4-6 reps per set and perform 3-4 sets.

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