Barbell Bench Press


Gym Equipment Needed

Musle Group



Perform the Barbell Bench Press with the Barbell, Weight plates and Bench

Starting Position

Lie flat on the bench, positioning your eyes directly under the barbell.

  1. Set up the bench at a flat or slight incline position. Position it securely with the barbell rack at an appropriate height.
  2. Lie flat on the bench, positioning your eyes directly under the barbell.
  3. Grip the barbell with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip, palms facing forward.
  4. Unrack the barbell, keeping it directly above your chest with your arms extended.
  5. Lower the barbell in a controlled manner to your mid-chest, maintaining a slight tuck of your elbows.
  6. Pause briefly, then push the barbell upward in a straight line, fully extending your arms.
  7. Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

The Barbell Bench Press primarily targets the following muscle groups:

  • Chest muscles (Pectoralis major)
  • Front shoulders (Anterior deltoids)
  • Triceps (to a lesser extent)

Tips on doing this exercise
  1. Maintain a strong and stable base by planting your feet firmly on the ground.
  2. Engage your core and keep your back flat against the bench throughout the exercise.
  3. Focus on a controlled eccentric (lowering) phase and an explosive concentric (lifting) phase to maximize muscle activation.

Common Mistakes
  1. Using excessive weight that compromises your form and puts unnecessary strain on your shoulders and elbows.
  2. Arching your back excessively; maintain a stable and neutral spine throughout the exercise.
  3. Flaring your elbows too wide, which can lead to shoulder discomfort. Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle from your body.

Recommended Ranges
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth): Aim for 8-12 repetitions per set, 3-4 sets.
  • Strength Development: Aim for 4-6 repetitions per set, 3-4 sets.

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