The Viral '12-3-30' Treadmill TikTok Workout

May 31, 2022

What Do The Personal Trainers at BLK BOX Gym Think About the ‘12-3-30’ TikTok Treadmill Workout?

The verdicts are in, and our experienced personal trainers are saying that the ‘12-3-30’ treadmill routine that has gained popularity on TikTok offers a good, convenient workout – but a word to the wise, it’s not suitable for beginners.

The “12-3-30” workout recently went viral, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing. The treadmill-based routine sees fitness fanatics set a treadmill with a 12% incline, the machine turning at 3MPH. Users then perform a 30-minute stint. The good news is that many experts out there agree the routine provides a great workout. Still, they caution that’ 12-3-30’ doesn’t give the same unique benefits available with alternative cardio routines.

Working Out During COVID-19: Home-Based Fitness

The’ 12-3-30’ workout was originally shared by Lauren Giraldo, who is a social media personality on TikTok. She first revealed her routine back in 2019. Social media users love the activity because it’s pretty straightforward to learn. Giraldo herself describes the routine as a ‘game changer’ because non-gym goers can get a good workout without leaving home. 

That suits many people who either can’t find time to schedule gym visits or don’t particularly love working out with more advanced attendees. During COVID-19, the workout has also been a convenient alternative for fitness enthusiasts who found their regular gym closed due to restrictions.

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While Giraldo looks great and has the backing of thousands of 12-3-30 fans, it’s essential to remember she’s neither a qualified personal trainer nor a health professional. With that in mind, however, many fitness experts and trained professionals don’t see a problem with the workout made famous by TikTok, but recommendations do come with a couple of important caveats.

Ask the Personal Trainers in Richmond, BC: does the 12-3-30 Tiktok workout actually work? 

The first thing to be aware of when you consider the 12-3-30 TikTok workout is that despite it representing an excellent cardiovascular exercise that doesn’t take too much time to squeeze into a busy schedule, it might not be the best option for beginners. That’s going to be especially true if you’ve been more inactive during Winter and are now in the mood to get into shape. 

The first rule about fitness is, if you can, get expert advice before you embark on a new program. It’s a great idea to talk with your doctor, but you can also visit the fitness studio in Richmond, BC if you want to get an assessment from local personal trainers.

In the case of 12-3-30, there’s little doubt that walking at 3MPH with a 12% incline for half an hour will both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. But remember, especially if you’re not particularly active, it’s crucial to build up any new routine gradually. Fitness is about developing strength and endurance, not overdoing things and injuries. Everyone is different, and that’s why, with social media fitness crazes, it’s essential to get some expert guidance on how to build up best for your own unique physical characteristics. Some people will benefit from starting for ten or twenty minutes with a smaller incline, for instance, while others may need to reduce the speed from 3MPH until they build up some strength.

Also, remember that high-impact workouts aren’t an appropriate solution for people who are overweight or carrying certain muscular and joint injuries. If you’re not careful to tailor workouts to your abilities and fitness level, you could end up out of action and in worse shape than ever. In the case of the 12-3-30 workout, people should also be aware that walking uphill can actually worsen some specific conditions, such as emphysema and asthma. That’s because the required posture can work to shorten chest and scapular muscle tissues. 

That, of course, is not to say you necessarily should avoid this or any other workout routine. But, if you do suffer from a condition that’s likely to be aggravated by the 12-3-30 routine, it’s a great idea to head down to the gym here in Richmond, BC and get some advice on the correct posture to adopt during this and other workouts.

Design A Well-Rounded Workout for Your Body with a Personal Trainer in Richmond BC

If you’re not a beginner and you’re ready to try 12-2-30, just remember this. Any workout should be well-rounded and concentrate on more than just cardio. There are many aspects to getting fit and staying fit, including warming up correctly, workout nutrition, and strength training.

Also, remember that we live in a beautiful country, and you don’t need a treadmill to walk uphill. It’s beneficial to get outdoors when you can, although indoor equipment is a great substitute when Winter weather sets in.

Plus, here at the gym in Richmond, BC, the team is probably slightly biased, but we reckon there’s no substitute for a social workout at least every now and again. If you’d like to get a one-on-one assessment and discover your own path to fitness, book an appointment online and head down to the fitness studio. And if you need reading material in the meantime, check out our beginner’s guide to the gym!

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