Jodie Lee

Through fitness, I’ve found a lasting love for training my body and mind to its fullest potential—my mission as a Personal Trainer is to empower others to discover that same love.

Jodie’s fitness journey began in 2018 when she reluctantly agreed to join her friend at the gym one day and left feeling discouraged. Today, she is an ACE (American Council of Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer and a Pain-Free Performance Specialist. She’s helped many female clients overcome their fear of the gym and gain the confidence to become the best version of themselves through fitness.⁠

Jodie is a multi-faceted trainer in that while she specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss, she also incorporates functional training that aims to improve health and longevity. Jodie takes pride in her ability to help clients achieve their fitness goals while simultaneously developing deep connections and meaningful relationships with them. ⁠

She will make you sweat but most importantly have fun and enjoy the process! ⁠